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Stay, Henry, Stay.

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Mods: __untilnextyear / soralin / bettiepepper / musicandmisery


A community for graphics, fanfics, pic spams and other goodies about the movie "Stay" directed by Marc Forster.


1. Please respect all the members of the community by posting anything that may be spoilery under an LJ cut. This includes plot points and imagery that isn't in the trailer. Don't know how to make an LJ cut? Go here. This rule will be in affect for a whole month, and then this rule will be relaxed because we will assume you're joining/watching because you've already watched Stay :)

2. None of this "liek omg i saw RYAN AND 0MG he's lik3 so0o0o0o0000 h0t!!11!". We expect all entries to be typed in correct grammar and punctuation, please. Really, it is not that hard. It kills our eyes and makes us want to rip out our hair(we're absolutely sure we're not the only ones), but we're generally nice and will give you a warning if you're ever caught doing it. Do it again, our apologies, but you will be kicked off posting access.

3. Also, basic online etiquette, you guys. No flaming. Don't anonymously pester someone. If you disagree with something, please do so in a dignified manner. If anyone sees any harassment, please contact us and we will do something about it.