The Dessert (soralin) wrote in stayhenrystay,
The Dessert

As all of you can see, stayhenrystay is still under a lot of construction.  Please bear with us while we get a layout up and running so our community is all spiffy and pretty.  In the mean while, feel free to join/watch/post here :D.
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I'm working on the layout!!!
*luffs* I know, take your time, there aren't many people here yet XD
I can't wait! ♥
Me either!

Love your icon, wet!Ewan is love.
I took that statement entirely the wrong way. Even though it's not anatomically possible. XD.
I love the name of this community. Just so you know. :]
Hahhaa!! __untilnextyear and I were having a row about what the comm name should be. I wanted Stay_Henry_stay but she said that underscores were n00b! Ah well, I think she's right.

And regular plain ol' Stay was taken already. (Good thing, it's too plain)
Yeah, the underscores are kinda n00b, but who am I to talk? I have two in my username :P.

ps Ewan's nerdy flood pants = love!
Golly what ended up happening to this community? Such a kickass movie but I can never find any communities for it =[
Heh...*nervous laugh*

Well... lazyness on my part, never getting the layout up on the other mod's part, and uh...well, we weren't getting much activity and it just died off.

If you would like to take over or help out as a mod, you are definitely welcome to, since the current mods aren't doing anything :X

:) Love your icon.
=] I understand, I was only bummed b/c I was really looking forward to this one.
Honestly, I have never been a MOD anywhere but I would love to help out. I would like to help out first before even considering taking over. =] If that's ok with you? I would love to get this going.

Thank you muchly ♥
You're now a member and a maintainer because I think you'd like the "executive powers". :)

It'd be great for you to kick some life into this comm. I think I'll bug the co-mod about that layout--it was partially complete but we never got it up.
Hey, if you don't mind. There is a girlfriend of mine that is as obsessed with the movie as I am. Do you think it would be alright if she helped me co-mod? Just wondering ♥

Thank you
Definitely, just help yourself :)

In fact, __untilnextyear and I are thinking of stepping down so you can carry on from here. Have fun!
I really hope someone starts this back up.. cause there is nothing here for it.. :(
We need a comm